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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.
It is a paradisematic country, in which


Welcome to Delisa Restaurant

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(Web Development | Marketing | User Experience) Monyx Skincare

Monyx skincare is a company known for its effective plant-based and organic skincare products to protect, heal and make the melanin skin radiant. 


With orders coming in from within and outside Nigeria and with 2 offices and a few suppliers, it was difficult for their customers to have a seamless shopping experience. They needed to be able to get these orders from a reliable channel and also be able to track the sales and fulfill the orders smoothly.


Our first plan of action was to design an effective way to improve their customer’s shopping experience digitally, which also included creating an E-commerce website for their customers to enable shopping¬† for products better, look through the catalog and learn the benefits of each product which helps eliminate a lot of questions for the customer care or sales representatives.

We went ahead to establish a strong online presence by Improving the Website’s SEO and making them visible on Search Engines.
Apart from shopping on the site, new customers can learn a lot about the company, Job Seekers can apply to work, Individuals could also learn about the distributor and resellers program and apply, Also, we put in information about the skin college and how to apply.

Lastly, we added a booking system in order for Monyx Audience to reserve bookings for Skin therapy and consultation