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A Chatbot is an AI application with a conversational interface, that Automates routine and simple workflows. It uses natural language processing, has learning capabilities (Machine Learning)-ability to add new workflows, and Delivered through multiple channels like Google, Amazon Alexa, Skype, Slack, Email, Website, Messenger and more.

As chatbots have grown and improved, businesses are now using them to provide proactive support and boost their customer service experience. Which enables them respond to users in an instant and converse naturally on the channel of their choice.

Chatbot Benefits

Chatbots help in the automation of customer queries and Consumers who use messaging apps like WhatsApp & Facebook messenger and want to contact businesses via messaging apps. Consumers and business buyers expect companies to respond to and interact them in real time. They are also versatile and can be used in different industries.

These Chatbots help Improve Customer Service, Increase their Engagement, Monitors Data and helps you gain better insights, it Saves Time and it is always available and helps cut down on errors, Promotes Better Lead Generation and Save costs up to 30% while increasing sales and conversion rates. 

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Our Chatbot Development Process

85% of Mobile users uses messaging platform and you can be there also on their channel for their inquiries. They can be used in: Information & Consultation, Ordering, processing, Support & Reviewing and much more

The development process starts with the Team analyzing your operations to understand your business / Industry, we determine the best functions to be automated in a bot form. From there we will develop the bot from the ground up to reflect your company’s brand and culture. Then integrate it into the platforms best for your business; Your bot will be tested across a variety of platforms and situations to ensure maximum reliability. and optimized and maintained subsequently. 

We Work With For Chatbots

Health Care

Users can book appointments, get first aid advice, Prescription refills, account details, Health history and more


Get school information, Registration and Admission Process, Scholarship information, facilities, Results, message Admission staff, report complain, Student Support

Therapy and Psychology

Get help and snswers from Experienced Therapist about real situations that could help you


Account Details, Track package, calculate shipping, schedule pickup, find locations, order, issue claim, receive receipts and proof and more

Banking and Insurance

Account Details, Payments get quote, Branch/ ATM locator, request assistance, incident report,Get Loan, claims management


Track driver, order for a taxi or drop, check bus schedule, claim management, find lost goods, drop complaints check best routes and more

Legal Assist

Price Quotes, Legal Assistance, legal advice, Book Appointments and more


Showcase your services and how it can help your users, give necessary information about your company and answer frequently asked questions interactively


Account details, payments, store locator, complain management, service wizard,

Customer Service

Reply users of Frequently asked questions and offer timely information. connect with representative if needed

Retail and Shopping

Product sales, discounts, store finder, order management, issue complaints, request help and more


Manage Bills, alerts, meter information, request help, safety tips, and render complaints

Housing and Hospitality

Account Details, get offers, Find prices, book room, hotel directory, complain management


Get latest openings, advice on how to improve your self for better employment opportunity, career advice and more


Get valuable survey and complaint, give toll numbers, Provide keep citizens informed, Government owned registration and process

Travel and Tourism

Account Details, Book tickets or logistics, get offers, find directories and more

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Got a very beautiful and functional Website, The Consult awareness has doubled thanks to it. Loving my Brand Identity also.

Dr. Yemi Alfred Soundmind Consult

Great Job on my Brand Identity Design. It was different, classy and really useful. Plus it was timely.

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